Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Liam's Sunny Sun Hat

I finished Liam's Sun Hat this morning. Its fully reversible, so it can be all green on the outside, or flip it over and its covered in nursery rhyme characters.

Liam seems to like it. I haven't used anything to tie it on with.
Babies don't like that sort of thing anyway, do they? I was pondering different ways to attach a strap, so that it would still be reversible, one option was poppers. I think I wil leave as is, he seems to want to hang onto it any way. I hope it doesn't get too windy!

Mum made Liam a cover for his bouncer out of the Nursery Rhyme fabric, and she gave me the left-over. The green was from my applique stash, and the interfacing I have had forever! The pattern was from Top Kids Issue 42. So it cost me nothing to make - well at least not in the last eight years! It took hardly any time to make either, I think I spent more time hunting for the pattern, than I did actually sewing it.

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  1. The hat looks great. Will see you in the morning.


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