Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Creative Space - Still here

I haven't been a very bloggy blogger lately. I do have a few posts in the works, so things should pick up around here soon.

This is the jumper I am working on at the moment for Liam. It's the same Owlet pattern that I knitted for Noah, in a bigger size. Again I am using Bendigo Luxury, this time in Lake. It is a beautiful colour, and I think it will really suit Liam.

I am knitting with my new Knit Pro Harmony needles, and I must say they are beautiful to knit with. When I knitted Noah's jumper, I used some borrowed, nickel plated needles which are lovely and smooth to work with. Unfortunately, I am allergic to nickel, and knitting with those was never going to work out long-term as I was getting eczema from them. There is still nickel on them, where the joins are, but as I am not handling it all the time, it shouldn't be a problem. I also recently discovered, that these needles are also available in clear acrylic if you are looking for a slightly cheaper option.

I have also found a better way to increase, which is much neater.

Anyway, that's enough about my creative space, what about yours? If you are interested in checking out other people's creative spaces, you should pop over and visit Kirsty at Kootoyoo.


  1. Another gorgeous jumper. Beautiful colour. Really really stunning.

  2. that bendigo yarn is so nice and your knitting is so good anyway.
    My Creative Space

  3. but you have been busy knitting, so lovely. this is a lovely colour for a boy.

  4. I love those needles! the colour of this wool is also gorgeous.

  5. That wool looks so soft Carmel - you just want to touch it. Glad you are back, looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!
    (maybe some baking??)


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