Saturday, 4 August 2012


Girls Style Book

Two days after Liam turned five, I turned thirty-nine. It felt a bit like it was still Liam's birthday. Actually, as he was still receiving presents and mail, it felt like it was still Liam's birthday more than a week later. I have a feeling it is going to be a bit that way for ever. I didn't miss out though.

Girl's Style Book

Back when Mum and I went to the last quilt fair, we stopped in at Tessuti. I was admiring this book, but I had a limited amount to spend at the fair, so I didn't want to blow a big chunk of it before we even got there. Mum noted my interest, and I got the book I wanted for my birthday.

Girl's Style Book

There are lots and lots of pretty dresses and accessories. Some made of beautiful, Liberty fabric, some with smocking, tucks, pleats, gathers, bows and gorgeous hats and headbands and little purses and hand-bags with instructions for everything. I can't wait to start making things out of this book. Grow, Amélie, Grow! (But not too much, I want you to stay little too!) It's a Japanese book, but it is so popular, that this one is in English. Which is great, because I can't read Japanese.

Surgical tools!

As if that wasn't enough, mum also got me some tools, so I can do surgery now....

Ready for some surgery!

haha, actually, these tools I have heard, are great for making stuffed toys with. I might have to do some research and consult with some experts.


  1. Happy Birthday Carmel. I am so impressed with your mums thoughtfulness, those pressies are unreal- have fun!

  2. Ooh I am envious of those surgical instruments...what a great mum you have. happy belated birthday.

  3. Sorry I missed this, I hope you had a great birthday Carmel and I am insanely jealous of The Style Bookmin English, I have one pattern book in Japanese and have, to date, been too scared to try anything!


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