Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Tip of the Iceberg


I visited the AQC (The Australian Quilt Convention) last weekend. I was pretty reserved with my spending at the AQC, limiting myself to just these five fat quarters from Ballarat Patchwork.

Five fat quarters - not too bad, hey? Except that on the way to the AQC we paid a little visit to Rathdowne Remnants. I've been wanting to get some fleecy for Liam for school windcheaters, so I grabbed four metres. I also got a metre of polar fleece to make him a nice warm jacket.

A couple of weeks ago, mum also grabbed me five metres of stretch drill. It will be great for school pants.


All of these fabrics are around 1.5 metres wide, so all up there is ten metres, and each metre is about equivalent to six fat quarters. This means that I have just added 65 fat quarters to my stash! This does not fare well for the SYST challenge....

I saw lots of amazing quilts at the show. My favourite was the rooster quilt called "Cock of the Walk" by David Taylor of Colorado. The detail is amazing.

SYST13: Running totals, in = 168, out = 38, total = +130
Oh dear! We're supposed to be using fabric, not acquiring it!

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