Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Noah is Five

Noah is 5 collage

To celebrate Noah's fifth birthday, I made him this cake. It was inspired by this one that I found on Pinterest. The main cake was chocolate cake made from scratch, and the cake pops were made with red velvet cupcake mix and dipped in white chocolate. Coating cake pops in chocolate is trickier business than you would think, but they do look much better when you coat them with sprinkles, and I did that with the rest of them, but never thought to take a photo of those!

Noah's 5th birthday cake

Noah is adventurous and observant. He loves gadgets, accessories, and exploring new places and things. He likes batteries and screws and pulling things apart. He is funny and caring and a great hugger. I do think that one day (if we can keep him out of danger) he will be an amazing man.

Happy Birthday Noah


  1. Happy birthday, Noah!

    As usual, you have done an amazing job with the cake, Carmel.

  2. Happy Birthday Noah - you sound like a wonderful little man and I just love your birthday cake!! :)

  3. Great cake. Five years already? My my how time has flown.


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