Saturday, 9 November 2013

Amélie's Butterfly Curtains

Amélie's curtains

This is a way overdue blog post. I made these curtains for Amélie's room a couple of months ago, right before I headed off to Ballarat for Crafty Hijinks, and yes, there is a little girl asleep in her bed in the above photograph.

The last set of curtains I made was for our master bedroom, and the fabric was rubber backed, so really easy to put together. I really liked this fabric from Spotlight, but not being rubber backed, it needed to be lined. This added an extra level of complication to the job, which had me procrastinating for months. And then for some reason it took me a couple more months to get around to blogging them. I was really tempted to not line them, but am glad I did now, as I think they will really help block the hot afternoon sun over the summer, as well as keep her room warmer in winter.

Curtains finished!

The major difference between these curtains and the last set was the hemming. For the first set, I made up the curtains, hung them and then pinned the hem before sewing it. With this set, I did the hem first, sewed the curtains and lining together, added the pinch pleat tape at the top and then hung them. This was because there was a main hem and a lining hem and both layers were joined at the sides, so hemming last would have been tricky.

Getting the pattern to match across the seams was also a factor in these curtains, I never bothered with the first set, but it was more important with the coloured pattern. I do really need to get a more solid curtain rod, as this one sags in the middle.

Including the lining, I used approximately 106 Fat Quarters making these curtains.
SYST13 Running totals: in = 107, out = 253, total = -146


  1. Such an ambitious job. Well done on finishing them. Not the most fun sewing task around - but they sure have come up a treat.

  2. Very nice. Youve reminded me that i need to make curtains for my eldests bedroom.

  3. These look great :) I have never attempted curtains, although it has been something I have always wanted to try. I keep getting memories of my mum making curtains when I was younger, and the amount of swearing involved. I think it takes patience. Something I don't have much of...

  4. Well done, indeed its perfectly suited with Amélie's room, I love that quilted blanket too, the one with the sleeping little girl, have you made it? well its seems that you are good in sewing, I wish I can make those stuff for my kids too.


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