Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hollywood Cherise

Hollywood Cherise - Amélie

The Hollywood Cherise features in the Summer 3/2012 issue of Ottobre. The main part of the dress is gathered onto a yoke and as the little cap sleeves are part of the rest of the dress, there are no sleeves to sew, making this a quick dress to put together. I made this gingham version for Amélie around the end of November or start of December.

Hollywood Cherise - front

I omitted the pockets from the pattern.The instructions suggest cutting them on the bias, but I had trouble maintaining the nice square shape when I did that, so ditched them altogether. Most likely they would only end up full of sand at this time of year, anyway.

Hollywood Cherise - bike

As you can see from the photos, it is a comfortable dress to wear. Amélie has no trouble playing in it, and it is perfectly breezy for a hot, summer day. It can also be made shorter, if you like, so it can be worn with pants or shorts as a tunic, rather than the full-length dress.

Hollywood Cherise - back

The final detail was the pearl snaps I added to the back of the dress. Easy to do up and undo, and a perfect compliment to the classic red gingham fabric I used. I love this pattern, and Amélie seems to love wearing it, so I might revisit it some time with some different fabrics.

The Hollywood Cerise used about three fat quarters of fabric from my stash. The Christmas Tree Skirt in the previous blog post used approximately 10 FQs of fabric, but I bought six FQs of fabric and used the rest from my stash. I also purchased 15 FQs of fabric to make myself a top and a further 12 FQs to make Maxx a shirt. Why, oh why does this feel like a major confession?! SYST13 Running totals: in = 140, out = 268, total = -128


  1. she's grown up way to fast Carmel- and I can see the boys in her cheeky smile! Love the dress, love gingham.

    1. She sure has, Bec. Her legs are getting longer and longer and her (old) dresses shorter. I still have two years before she starts school, but I am sure they will flash by even quicker than the last couple of years have. Where did my baby go?

  2. Ooh she has the cutest smile, with a little bit of cheeky monkey !

    1. There is quite a great deal of cheeky monkey in there, Jodie. And that smile makes all those cheeky monkey activities easy to forgive.


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