Friday, 6 June 2014

Made for Me - March Dress

March dress

Ok, so I realise that it is now June and I still haven't showed you the dress I made for myself back in March. I am finding it challenging (on many levels) to take photos of myself, wearing the things I have made. Never mind, I will get over myself and catch up eventually, I am sure...

Anyway, this dress is made using New Look pattern 6429, view C. As I have a long torso, I attempted to lengthen the top half of the dress. There is a seam across the back that is already above the waistline, that would have looked really funny if I had not. Lengthening the torso was not easy, as there are no shorten/lengthen lines to be able to do so, so there was a bit of fiddling around, and some moving of dots and notches. I am still not sure I really got this right, but it seems to work.

New Look 6429

Oh, by the way, this is my mannequin. She has come from my mum's house to stay here. As you can see, she is a bit skinny and it looks like her boobs are in a completely different place to mine, but maybe with some padding, I might be able to sort her out. Or she can just become my clothes horse for modeling my new clothes if I am too shy, or technically challenged to do it myself.


Another modification I made to this dress was that I replaced the neckline facing with some binding that I cut from the same fabric as the dress. I found the concept of a facing in a stretch dress to be a bit strange. Particularly because that facing is to be interfaced, which would make it not stretchy. When I added the binding, I made sure to stretch it a little tighter across the bust area, where the dress "crosses over". This was to help keep everything inside the dress, where it should be. I have a tendency to burst out of cross-over dresses and tops as time goes by, but this dress is safe at least for long enough for me to go out for dinner. I really do wonder about that facing and if there are advantages to having those parts of the dress stabilised in such a way?

Overall, I am fairly pleased with this dress. I may even make it again, out of some better fabric. We shall see...


  1. It looks fantastic! Yay. So flattering. I've been meaning to make a cross over dress. I've been meaning to make more things for me... all intentions, no action. Good for you!!!

    1. Thank you Sally. I would love to see you make yourself a dress. We all get so busy making things for our kids that they grow out of so quickly. We need to remember sometimes to do things for ourselves too.


  2. Looks gorgeous on you. Lovely colour!!

  3. Can I just say it looks so much better on you than the shapeless skinny Minnie mannequin.
    I have this pattern & now you have encouraged me to make it. Thanks Carmel :D

    1. Thanks Febes! You've made my day! I would love to see your dress when you've made it. Let me know :)

  4. You, my lady, are a genius! I've actually made this twice, a few years ago now, and did the facings, which just never worked and I hardly wore then dresses! A binding is a great idea, and a wrap one I recently did (different pattern) just had a turned over edge. I think a new one of these might be in order... PS you look hawt!


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