Saturday, 15 December 2007


This is Liam's bib, I made using the (free) Nicole Mallalieu's Fifties Style Bib pattern from the link over to the right of the page.
Its a pretty good pattern, the photo here doesn't do the bib justice! It has ARM-HOLES!
The fabric is pretty cute too, its got Sheep, Cows, Pigs and Chooks on it. I have some more bias binding in the green and the blue so I can make more bibs the same, yet a bit different.
I had to rush off to Spotlight to get more bias binding to finish this off. The pattern says 2.25m, and I didn't put the pocket on there, so I expected the 2m and a bit I had would be enough. It wasn't.

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  1. wow that looks great! that would be great for cooking and painting for a toddler or when keira eats messy spaghetti!

    well done!


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