Friday, 7 December 2007


I put in a really good day of sewing today, I got heaps of stuff done. I managed to finish three grow suits, although I have only done the popper studs on one of them.

I also did the bias trim and neckband on two bibs, and I completely made a pair of overalls, including tracing and modifying the pattern. I had to do a last minute dash to Spotlight to get some bias and more poppers so I could finish the overalls. We listened to some Christmas music while I sewed. Liam seems to like the noises in the Crazy Frog music.

I made the green overalls a size bigger than the orange ones, and lengthened them too. I made them a medium size, but the length of the legs was the same as the Extra Large. They have an almost 3cm hem on them, and they fit nicely with the hems rolled up, so he should be able to wear them for awhile. I forgot to add extra to the inside leg seam to allow for the poppers, but there seems to be plenty of room.

I modified the back of the overalls as well. The orange overalls were straight across the back, where these are not. I think I will still change them a bit more for the next pair, I had to cross over the straps a little, and I would like it better if they were not crossed over.

I went looking for some buttons in my stash, and found a really nice one that went really well with these overalls, but there was only one - just like the orange overalls. Paige and I went through the button stash and found these brassy looking ones that we think look nice, so thats what he got. I thought I would have a quick look and see if I could find something for the blue fabric, and once again, found ONE LOVELY BUTTON. I think when I make the blue ones, I might go and buy some buttons to match. I haven't looked to see what matches the red.

Anyway, I had a really good day of sewing (probably the most productive ever), I feel like I have achieved so much! Just need to finish off the poppers on those other two growsuits!

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