Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mothers' Day

I had a fabulous Mothers' Day. Mum and Dad were here for lunch, I cooked them roast lamb. For dinner, Maxx cooked spinach lasagne, which is one of my favourite things that he cooks. I got a lovely scented candle which I used after dinner when I had a nice bath with a glass or two of pink champagne. AND I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! I was so spoilt.

I was up most of Saturday night (until 4am) making this beaded purse for my mum. It has over 400 seed beads that I hand stitched to the purse. The fabric was "Not Too Shabby Paisley" and lined with "Romantic Memory Rose Bouquet" which I purchased from Spotlight on Saturday. The purse is made using a 90mm purse frame and using the pattern from the kit I got from Nicole Mallalieu.

I also gave mum a voucher for the cinema. The plan was to put the voucher inside the purse, but it didn't fit. So if you want to make a purse that is big enough to put a credit card in, then you will need to go for something bigger than the 90mm purse.


  1. I love it! You are on a roll with these cute purses.

  2. How beautiful, I bet your Mum loved it! The beading looks fab

  3. Sahra, Mum sure does love it, it is a beautiful purse and the roast lamb lunch was lovely too.

  4. What a lovely gift - so personal and SUCH a lot of work!
    It's really lovely.
    Have fun with your new camera.


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