Saturday, 9 May 2009

Excuse me while I gloat

Oh Wow! How exciting! I won!
Sewn Hat Large
I get to pick an on-line class as my prize. What to pick??

Understanding Knit Fabrics - Sarah Veblen
Beginner Sewing Lab 104 - Shannon Gifford
Wedding Gowns 101 - Susan Khalje
Build Better PANTS - Shannon Gifford
Beginner Sewing Lab 101 - Shannon Gifford
Stitch-and-Flip Jacket Construction - Shannon Gifford
Beginner Sewing Lab 102 - Shannon Gifford
Beginner Sewing Lab 103 - Shannon Gifford

I'm thinking pants or jackets? I don't think that I'll be making too many wedding dresses in the near future with children running around - that would be madness! I probably don't really need the beginner classes. The stretch fabric one sounds okay, but I think I do okay in that department already...

Now back to our regular blogging.....

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  1. Well done! Did I congratulate you already??


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