Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A bit stuck....

I have this idea. It involves these robots (my own design - do you like?) and my embroidery machine. Unfortunately, I have been having trouble converting these guys into embroidery designs so that I can continue with my project. Its very frustrating....

My plan is to have a sort of applique thing going on, where the actual sillouhette is cut in a plain fabric, and the rest is embroidered over top. I'm hoping just getting this out there will help me.

The word sillouhette even helps a little I think....


  1. I get what you mean. So the actual outline of each robot, or their basic shape would be the fabric (you could even use a couple of colours fused together if you wanted to), then the details are done in embroidery.
    Amazing designs by the way!

  2. Love that idea... I don't know anything about digital embroidery - I'd do it free-motion or by hand. Looking forward to seeing how you develop this one!

  3. Those robots look awesome. Hope you figure it all out soon.

  4. It looks great. I love the robots. Well done.


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