Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Curtains are very difficult to photograph.

Here are some pictures of the curtains that I finished over the weekend for our bedroom. It is difficult to tell, but the fabric is cream, with a textured floral pattern.

The curtain rods had to be antique brass to match the bedside lamps. The curtain rods still need to be shortened. Spotlight were out of the 150cm rods, so I bought 2m rods. I might not cut the full 50cm off though.

Spotlight also didn't have the hooks that I needed for the pinch pleats. They assured me that they would have some in later in the week, which they didn't. They didn't two weeks later, so I ended up doing the mail order thing from Lincraft. I ordered 40 hooks. You would think that would be enough. Nup, I needed 48. So I ventured back to Spotlight who by this time had them in. One of them broke when I went to hang the curtains. So Lincraft have better hooks, just so you know.

I also needed extra rings, as there were only 40 supplied with the rods. (Hence the reason I thought it would be enough hooks, I mean, they were 2m rods!) Of course, they didn't have any in the antique brass, so I got some silver ones. You can hardly tell, but I have brass on order.

I am glad to have my dining table back - not enough room in the sewing room for making curtains. Who knew curtains would take so long?

Well now that the curtains are done, and I love them (just so that you know I am happy about them after all the rigmorale) - what colour to paint the bedroom?


  1. I totally agree on not realising how long it would take to make curtains - I wished I had a decent dining table too as our little round one from back in my uni days was worse than my small sewing desk so I just had to put up wityh bunching up the curtains on my lap. The pinch pleats look excellent - I wasn't that game and just went for the standard gathered tape!

  2. You did a great job with these, I'm feeling more inspired now!


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