Sunday, 10 October 2010



I was reading the paper this morning, and noticed a competition* where you can win a free (expensive) nappy bag. It got me thinking.... I once bought this pattern, with the intention of making a nappy bag from it, and I haven't yet. And I have a baby coming soon, so could probably use a swish new nappy bag.... hmmm...

What do you think are the essential features of a good nappy bag?

*I ripped out the ad, and intended to enter the competition, and somehow got distracted and it never happened and do you think I can find the ad now??


  1. I can thoroughly recommend the Beach bag as a nappy bag. It's the one I used the most (also used the Large Slouch and Wrap.... but then I would, wouldn't I?). Lots of pockets and lots of space.

  2. Hee hee it sounds like you have pregnancy brain! At least if you make your own, you can choose all your favourite fabrics and customise it so that it perfectly suits you.
    I'd have no idea what to put in it though as I've never needed one.

  3. I love Nikki's bags, and I highly recommend you make that one up, and then fill it with a sun hat and a good book and head to the beach!
    By the time I had my third child, I realised that a nappy bag was not only unnecessary but also an inconvenience! I bought a large handbag (although I didn't sew much then, now I would make one of Nikki's LOL) and carried 2 nappies, a travel pack of wipes and a change mat in it. I did keep a small 'nappy bag' in the car with a change of clothes, a spare blanket and a few more nappies in it, but managed fine with the large handbag.I have been meaning to make one of Karen's (And so I sew) nappy wallets too - you should definitely have one of those.

  4. I would say washable! Given the things that have landed in my nappy bag I have thrown it in the washing machine more than once. And I have a little tube of hand wash and sunscreen hanging off the side so it is nice and handy. My nappy bag is purchased but doesn't look like a nappy bag so it is great for DH to use as well. HTH Susan
    PS I need a new beach bag..that pattern looks great..onto my wish list!!


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