Sunday, 17 October 2010

Unfinished Business


This is what I was working on today, since I need some green thread for this project, I thought I would practice my quilting by working towards finishing the cushion covers I was making in Kellie's class. Now I need some Gutermann 111 as well...

I was chatting with Karen a little later, and she mentioned that she was putting some UFOs (Unfinished Objects) on her blog.

I mentioned that I have a few myself, and this is just a small sample of them...


Some embroideries that I was doing even before I got my embroidery machine, to make a quilt out of for the cradle. Now that I have a baby on the way again, I have reason to complete this. I was wanting more quilting experience under my belt before beginning this. I feel reasonably confident that I can put it all together now.


This is a grow suit, it never got finished because the snap up the top didn't attach properly and I had trouble getting it off. Now that I have a snap press, it really shouldn't be too difficult to sort out. Does anyone have any tips for removing dodgy snaps though?


Some bibs that I was making, using this free pattern from Nicole Mallalieu. I think I just never got around to it? It will be a while before I really need these, because they are really toddler size, but it would be nice if I just finished them.

I have noticed when looking at UFOs, that both my sewing room and my head explode. There is stuff everywhere, and my brain is bursting with ideas for a whole host of new ideas of things to make, surely some of which will be my future UFOs. Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. WOW! That quilting is awesome!!!

    ... and yes UFOs are boring and new things are so much more exciting and offer so much more promise.

  2. I'm totally with you on the UFO's lead to more ideas which then become UFO's. I'm hopeless when it comes to finishing anything.

    And I love your Don't Look Now pillow - can't wait to see it finished!

  3. I get snaps off with a good pair of pliers. try to squash it a bit with the pliers and then it should pull off.


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