Monday, 22 November 2010

Another T-shirt for Liam


After finishing the other t-shirt yesterday, I got stuck into this one. When it was finished Liam asked me "Shirt off?" so that he could try it on, and as you can see, was happy to pose for more photos. I've used this Ottobre free stencil design before, for a long sleeved t-shirt that is also one of his favourites.


  1. Both t-shirts look fantastic and what a cheeky grin from your little one, even his eyes are smiling!

  2. What a fabulous model shot!
    Great shirt too... loving that stencil.

  3. CUTE!!!
    Love the cheeky grin. I've used this stencil too - orange pant on a navy shirt - comes up really well as does the little moped from Otto - lots of fiddly cutting though!


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