Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Noah's Groovy "Apple" Shirt


This is Noah's new shirt, using the same pattern as Liam's (Ottobre 3/2010 - 11 "Apple" Summer Shirt) in a smaller size. I used "Groove" fabric, from Robert Kaufman again, this time in green. I also used the same pearl buttons. Not much in the way of imagination going on here today....



  1. Oh I love it! The fabric is super! I don't have that issue of Ottobre I think (: I"ll have to hunt through what I have there should be a similar shirt design in there I'll have to put on my wishlist for sewing in 2011. Susan

  2. Oh I love that fabric it is gorgeous!!!! almost as beautiful as the model :)

  3. So brilliant. The fabric is fantastic - awesome choice. Looks so great on. Wonderful.


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