Thursday, 9 December 2010

One down, one to go (almost there!)


My goal was to get these two quilts done by the end of November. I didn't quite. I just finished the quilting on Noah's this morning, and all I need to do now is some hand stitching in front of the tv.


The quilting is an all-over star and swirl pattern that I based on one I saw on Flickr. By the time I did Noah's I changed the swirly bits a little as I worked out a better way to do it. (And oops - I see that I missed a loose thread!)


I managed to get Liam's quilt quilted before the end of November, and the machine sewing part of the binding was done too, but I think it was December 3rd by the time I got the binding stitched down and the label on. I still used the one that says November though.....



  1. Oh I absolutely love those fabrics! What range are they from?

  2. Love ya work!! I also love the label you made for the back. Great quote!

  3. These are gorgeous! Love the quilting especially :)


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