Friday, 25 March 2011

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They say that play-dough is good for releasing tension and aggression. We haven't really played with play-dough much lately, because Noah tends to eat it. I did kinder duty last week, and took Noah and Amelie along with me. When I saw Noah playing with the play dough and not eating it, I decided to make some more for home. The recipe is on the side of the Cream of Tarter packet, or you can get the recipe here.

He still has a little trouble resisting...

Ok, so I guess you're wondering about the hats? They are from this morning's story-time session at the library. The theme was ducks. After the story, the kids do a craft activity.


Liam did his all by himself. Inspired by Picasso!


I also recently discovered that our local newspaper sells end-rolls of paper, so I grabbed a couple of those last week as well. Good fun for the kids, and also, if I need to draft a pattern...


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  1. I love the pic of Noah having a nibble of the green playdough!


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