Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Hottie Challenge


The Margaret Pratt Foundation is a charity organisation that supports research to improve the outcomes of heart and lung transplant recipients. Open Drawer are running the Hottie Challenge to support the Margaret Pratt Foundation. If you want to know any more about this fabulous event, and check out some of the entries, you should step on over to the CurlyPops blog and check it out.


I had a really difficult time trying to decide what to put on my hottie cover. I felt that it should reflect me and my blog in some way. I eventually decided to use my own robot appliqué design, (inspired by a comment from Jodie on a recent post) but using free-hand, raw-edge appliqué techniques (that I learned from Kellie) rather than by using the embroidery machine. Instead of using regular thread to appliqué and quilt my hottie cover, I used thread from the embroidery machine. I love the finish - it gives the whole project a lovely sheen.


I almost forgot to put an opening in the hottie cover to be able to insert the hot water bottle, but fortunately remembered before I stitched the whole thing together. There's nothing like last minute creativity! My hottie cover went in the mail this afternoon, and now I am relying on Express Post to get my parcel into Cam's letterbox by tomorrow. Oh, and I have no idea if an actual hot water bottle would fit in there.


  1. Looks fantastic well done

  2. Wow that's amazing Carmel - some little boy would love it!

  3. It looks brilliant, Carmel!

    The exhibition is going to be a treat; so much textile-y goodness.

  4. love it! love your creativity!

  5. Yah! It's fabulous Carmel. I'd better not show this one to my nephews - I'm sure they'd pinch it and take it home!

  6. I am so excited that your beautiful ROBOT is going to live at my house when the exhibition is over!! My boys will LOVE IT!!

    thank you so much Carmel! It is just sensational and so beautifully made! xox Gina xoxo


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