Friday, 30 September 2011

The Month of Many Milestones

Miss Amélie has been very busy this month, reaching all sorts of milestones. It was on Father's Day that she worked out how to get herself into a sitting position.

A few days after that, she managed to work out crawling.


She grew a tooth, and then a couple of days later, another one! (Can you see them both, down the bottom in the photo above?)

And she can now pull herself to standing.


She can also clap and wave bye-bye.


We have been busy swapping beds around - Liam has gone from a toddler bed to a proper big-boy bed. The toddler bed has been converted back to a cot and Amélie has been moved in there because we can't have her standing up in a cradle.


It's all very exciting, but geez girl, can you slow down a bit so I can keep up?!

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  1. Harry was like that. He started crawling at 8 months and a few days after that was cruising around the furniture. Luckily he did not walk until 15 months so I had some more time before I lost my baby.

  2. Oh she is just gorgeous! It doesn't seem so long ago that my little girl was that size. Now she is nineteen, and still gorgeous.


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