Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Noah turned three last week. I made him a Devil's Food Cake for his birthday cake.


His favourite present was an orange torch that cost only $5, despite also receiving a skateboard, amongst other things.

He still really likes his super hero cape. He also enjoyed everyone at library story-time singing happy birthday to him.


Isn't it wonderful how easy it is to please a three year old? Now all I need is shares in Duracell to keep that torch going...

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  1. Aww, cute! The cake looks so yummy too.

    My kids love torches too. My advice - get those you wind up and don't need batteries. They love winding it up and you don't need shares in Duracell!

  2. Give a kid a gift and they will play with the box!!

    My boy loves torches too. If only those wind up ones didn't make that horrible noise!!

  3. Torches are the best gifts for three year olds... but yes they sure do churn through the batteries.


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