Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tess' Kinder Doll


This happy, smiley Ric-Rac Kinder Doll was made for Tess for Christmas.


Instead of the fabric and ribbon combination for the shoes, I made them from felt this time. In pink instead of the usual black.


I used a stem stitch to sew the mouth and nose this time, instead of the usual back stitch. I used more strands of embroidery floss than the other times, too. This gave the mouth more definition. I made her eyes blue instead of black, too.


You might notice that the fabric matches what I used for Tess, last year.

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***Update: The Kinder Doll pattern is now available as a downloadable pattern from Craftsy. Get it Now!


  1. So sweet. I love those little pink shoes!

  2. Love the shoes and the ponytails :)

  3. I bet this beautiful doll becomes a favourite and I'm sure will be well loved. Love the cute hairdo and the gingham dress.

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