Thursday, 3 January 2013

Toilet Training

That Darn Kat undies

We're making the most of the warmer weather and toilet training Amélie. I have been busy, sewing together lots of these undies, using the That*Darn*Kat underpants pattern.


What are your best toilet training tips?
Do you have a favourite underpants pattern?
Any tips for putting together better undies?


  1. I was most probably incredibly politically incorrect and offered my kids jelly snakes for poos on the toilet! Came about after our first born would simply leave it too late every time. I think I went through two packs of jelly snakes before I "forgot" to buy more. Worked a treat! Second child I went straight for the snakes and again, 2 packs and all done!

  2. Daycare have decided to toilet train my little one, so many undies every day! I thought I'd better get sewing and immediately came looking for this post to get the pattern :o)


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