Saturday, 8 June 2013

On a Roll

On a Roll - rolled

Liam attended a school friend's birthday party on the weekend. I made her a personalised pencil roll. Elise seemed really happy with it. I noticed that there were some colouring books amongst the gifts she was given, so the pencil roll and pencils should come in handy.

On a Roll - outside

My pencil roll has twelve slots, for twelve pencils. I sent Maxx out to get the pencils at the last minute. He bought the packet, thinking that it had twelve in there, but it was a pack of ten. He even clarified before he left that it needed to be a pack of twelve. Apparently, he didn't realise that sometimes pencils come in packets of ten. He chose the ones he did because they had the triangle shape that is supposed to be good for pencil grip. I think for future projects, a pencil stash might be in order.

On a Roll - pencils

We had a bit of a discussion before he left about pencils vs textas. Maxx prefers pencils, whereas I love textas. I remember not being allowed to have textas when I was about six or seven, I wanted the saturated colour that you get with textas that you don't get with pencils. These days, you can get lovely textas that are easy to wipe off surfaces, such as the Crayola washables. Maxx says he always preferred to draw and colour with pencils. Which do you prefer?

On a Roll - inside

For this project, I used about one fat quarter of fabric.
SYST13 Running totals: in = 172, out = 52, total = +120


  1. Looks great - fab gift. I think I prefer pencils now myself, but nothing like the picture outlined in texta with colouring pencil for the rest.

  2. Loving textas... but pretty much limit my children to pencils unless I am there supervising because our littlest tends to like wall art!!!


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