Friday, 21 June 2013

Turtle Hottie

Turtle Hottie Hello

I would like to introduce you to my little turtle friend that I made for the 2013 Hottie Challenge. Except he doesn't have a name. If we gave him a name, he might not have been allowed to leave. Noah was a bit sad to hear that he couldn't stick around, but I told him that he was going to help some people with sick lungs and hearts to get better. I may have to make a special turtle, just for Noah.

Turtle Hottie

My turtle is on his way to Open Drawer to be sold to raise funds for the Margaret Pratt Foundation, who fund research to give donor-organ recipients better outcomes. He is part of a group of hotties (hot water bottle covers) that was organised by Curly Pops, who herself is a recent recipient of a lung transplant.

Turtle Hottie Swimming

Open Drawer will holding an exhibition in their gallery, where all the hotties will be displayed. The exhibition will be held from the 5th to the 28th of July, with the Gala Opening on Sunday, July 7 from 2-4pm. Open Drawer is situated at 1158 Toorak Road, Camberwell (Hartwell). During the exhibition, people will have the opportunity to purchase a hottie, or make a donation on behalf of their favourites. The hottie that raises the most funds wins a trophy.

Turtle Hottie Belly

If you can make it to Open Drawer, it is well worth seeing all the different interpretations that everybody had. I really enjoyed visiting last time. If you can't make it to the gallery, but would still like to see some hotties, you can check out #hottiechallenge2013 on instagram.

Turtle Hottie Back

I wonder if someone will want to buy my turtle and take him home? What do you think we should name him?

For my turtle hottie, I used about 5FQs. This included some that got trashed, testing out ideas to see what would work.
SYST13 Running totals: in = 176, out = 53, total = +113


  1. So clever. He is cute! Tyrone and Tommy are too obvious aren't they.

  2. OMG!!! Love it! So so so so so so so ACE!

    You are too clever. Really you are. I am so impressed. Wish I had a tenth of your creativity and attention to detail. This is my favourite that I have seen around the blogosphere.

    Carmel you're a star.

  3. Clever Clogs.... well, that's what I'm naming YOU!


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