Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Liam is Six

Liam & Skylanders cake 1

It's hard to believe, but Liam turned six last month. He is right into Skylanders at the moment, and loves collecting and playing with the characters that go with the game. For his birthday, I made him two Skylanders cakes. One for the night before, when we celebrated his birthday with a family dinner, and then again on his actual birthday when we were celebrating my 40th.

Skylanders cake 2

One of the things about Liam that I am loving at the moment, is that he is learning to read. I was a real bookworm as a child and constantly had my nose in a book, so I really enjoy seeing his progress. The school Liam attends uses Magic 100 Words to teach reading, and Liam also likes to play Reading Eggs Eggy Words to help practice his words. I am constantly amazed at all the jumps he is making with his reading, and Liam has been getting a new Skylanders character each time his teacher signs off a level at school.

Blowing out candles - Skylanders 1

Liam was thrilled with his cakes and the bonus Skylanders he got with them. He also got a tablet, so he can play his Eggy Words on there, instead of using my phone all the time.

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  1. E. so wants us to get a video game console so that he can play Skylanders. It certainly is the six year old thing to do.

    I think I will get a gaming thingie soon... but which one? I know nothing about them. Wii, Playstation or X-box? What do you have? Are you happy with it?


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