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I have just recently tried my first Onion Pattern; "Snitmønster" 2022. I purchased it from Shop Onion, in Denmark, who also provides English translation. Out of curiosity, I plugged the word "Snitmønster" into Google translate and apparently it means "the pattern". I was so excited to get my pattern, I traced the pattern and sewed it all up, except for the hems on the very day it came in the mail. I love this pattern, and plan to make more of these, and eventually the dress version. I would love to make a comfortable, jersey dress that fits me nicely.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fabric. It was in my stash already, and I chose to use it for this "muslin" because I didn't love the fabric. As a muslin, it works quite well, camouflaging the unfavourable seam lines, and I think it is fairly flattering as well, despite my aversion to florally patterns. Perhaps I should revise my feelings on florals?

Onion 2022 - under-bust seamline

Alas, fit is the issue I have with this pattern. I have traced the under bust seam line in the photo above, and you can see it is far too high. It is too small in the bust for me, and therefor needs a FBA done to it. I am not sure how to do it.

Onion 2022 pattern piece

This is what the pattern piece looks like. How would you do it? Any ideas?

SYST13: I used aproximately 10 fat quarters from my stash
Running totals: in = 180, out = 86, total = +94 (woo hoo, under 100 now!)


  1. Hi Carmel! We could have fun trying! lol I would measure down under the arm to where you think it should be and then across your bust at its fullest (one) and then make a curved line like an S from the point under the arm through to the other side - does that make sense? Good luck with it - I like the style !! :)

  2. Clicked your 'me' label and found this. Now I'm looking through all the Onion patterns. WOW!!

    1. Yes Jane, lots of awesome patterns there. I want to buy heaps of them. I think Lisa from Crafty Mamas was talking of stocking them if you are looking for a local supplier, although I am not sure you would get the English translation that way?


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