Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Duncan's Hat

I had been eyeing off this fabric at Spotlight for a while. There was something about the woof! woof! bark! bark! arf! arf! that grabbed me and I knew I had to make something and use it as a lining fabric.

I get comments on Liam's hat everywhere I go. It was his cousin Duncan's birthday on January 17th, so I thought why not make him one too? I went and bought the fabric straight away (and got enough to make another one as well).
Then I went for a bit of a search to see if I could find a suitable pattern, as being a little older, Duncan was sure to have a bigger head. I wasn't able to find a suitable pattern, so I took the pattern that I used for Liam's hat and scanned it, and increased its size by 15%.

Mum had some special interfacing that she had used for making bags with. She gave me some to use for the hat. Its really good in that it gives the brim a really good stiffness. It was a bit trickier to turn it all right side out, but it got done, and in the mail yesterday afternoon, so he should be seeing his new hat by the end of the week!

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