Wednesday, 6 February 2008

LIAM'S QUILT - "i" is for insects

The image to the left is a draft of what the finished quilt will look like. Katherine was here over the weekend, so we did some drawing, trying to come up with some ideas as to the individual pictures. In the original plan, I had "i" is for Ibis.

We decided that Ibis is not a necessarily easily identified animal. Katherine agreed with me though that we couldn't do "i" for iguana either, as we were going with "a" is for alligator. So we decided on insects.

We also decided that with the exception of "L" we would use lower case letters. I hadbn't actually considered this, but when it was suggested I loved the idea, as I was having trouble finding a capital I shape that I liked that went with the rest of my letters. I was a bit unsure about the L, but Katherine pointed out that it should be a capital L as it was the start of his name.

Anyway, the image to the right, is a sketch of the "i" applique. I am thinking that the butterfly needs to be bigger, and probably the caterpillar too.

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