Thursday, 12 June 2008

Busy and Productive Day

Haven't been in here for awhile, there was a bit of time there where it was a bit tricky finding the time and space to sew. Paige has moved back to her mum's, so now that she doesn't need her room full-time, it was decided that Liam could have his own room, and Paige would share hers with the sewing equipment. When the new baby comes, he or she can share with Liam.

So Paige moved out at the
start of April, and I think it was May before I started moving my sewing stuff out of Liam's room, and into Paige's. There is still stuff to move, but its nearly there. The great news is that I have a sewing room all to myself most of the time.

Somewhere in there, I managed to sew Liam a pair of denim-look jeans. They are really a very stretchy Lycra that looks like denim, not denim at all. When I get around to taking a picture of them, I will post them on here. They were really plain, just a pair of pants with some elastic in the top. I put the elastic in using stretch zig-zag. They are a little loose around the waist so he has a big nappy pin holding them up, haha.

May 30th was a big day for me sewing-wise. I managed to make two hoodies and a long-sleeved t-shirt. I used the Kwik Sew - Sewing for Baby pattern book to make these. I was surprised at how quick it all was. The hoodies have snaps up the front, so are easy to whip on and off, and there is a bit of elastic across the top of the hood to keep it on if we're out in the weather.

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