Thursday, 23 April 2009

Chicken Dance

I've finally created a hat for Liam from my Nicole Mallalieu pattern. I've used quilters cotton from Spotlight with chickens dancing cheek to cheek! I saw it, loved it and had to have it. Its been sitting in my stash waiting for a suitable project.
The other fabric is a very lightweight denim (chambray?) that I have had FOREVER.

The only thing I have done differently with this hat is I bound the edges with bias binding. I added an oval applique cut out of a nice chicken couple.
I did the underside of the brim in the chicken fabric too, because lets face it, its too wonderful to have it hidden all the way up inside the hat where nobody sees it, right?

Its probably about time Liam got his own hat. He has been wearing the lovely one that I entered in the pattern review contest. He loves it.
Hopefully he loves this one more.


  1. I love the hat. What a great design. You're very clever.

  2. The hat looks great! The chicken fabric is cute too.


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