Thursday, 30 April 2009


I thought I would squeeze in one last one for April.
I bought this fabric from a local shop about a year ago I think. Hmm... maybe a bit more than a year ago. Anyway, I like giraffes and I thought it was cute. Don't you think their antlers look a bit funny - a bit like antennae? The Giraffes are rather spread out though, and I wasn't quite sure how to work with that. So it got added to the stash to be used later.
I have top stitched around the neckband, sleeves and hem with twin needles in orange.
Now that Liam is a bit bigger, the giraffes don't seem to be that spread out, so I got to and made this today. I have a couple of other tops cut out, ready to go, so they should be up on here in a couple of days.
Excuse my photos, they were taken indoors at night without the flash. That's my shadow in the corner.


  1. Cute fabric!! Well done with the twin needle - it does give a nice finish doesn't it.
    Very sweet top.

  2. Seriously cute fabric! The top looks great.


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