Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sew It Together Badge Swap

I received my Sew It Together badge from the swap yesterday. Isn't it lovely? It was all wrapped up and tied with a bow with a couple of Columbines in there as well. I really should do that when I send swaps, it would give me a good excuse to buy bags of lollies, ha-ha-ha! Thanks Jo - I LOVE IT!
My recipient, Sue , emailed me last night to let me know that she received hers yesterday as well. Here it is all complete with Sculpey letter buttons. They were actually pretty tricky to sew onto a completed badge.


  1. Both bagdes are awesome. So creative. So beautiful.
    ... feeling a bit sad that I won't be there :(

  2. ive seen that one before :)

    they are both lovely!

  3. They are both great. Very clever buttons you made Carmel - never thought of trying that before but it's a nice way to personalise things.

  4. Wow - they are both lovely and you both used the same colours.


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