Thursday, 29 April 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... Liam's favourite song, and what he started singing when he saw what I was making him.

The stars were added to the front by way of freezer paper stencil, before I sewed it together.

I did a little overlocker experiment to sew the neckband, shoulder seams and the hems. 

The pattern is Ottobre workshop 301. I did a size 98, to give Liam a little growing room.

I ran into some problems with stripes early on, but I will come back and post how I over-came that.


  1. Oh so good! I love it very much... looking forward to finding out more about how you put it together. Especially tales of your overlocker experimentation.

  2. This is great Carmel - such a lovely top - the red stitching is a real feature.
    I think I know how you did it but look forward to finding out more.

  3. Oh wow. It looks fantastic. So professional!!!

  4. they look wonderful, where is the fabric from?

  5. Ahh, the overlocker. Must dust mine off and remember how to use it. Looks like the experiment was successful. Yes?

  6. Great work on the shirt! The red stars and red stitching make it extraordinary!

  7. check out my iphone/ipad app that teaches how to play this song on piano …
    Its all for a good cause!


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