Monday, 19 July 2010

Liam is three!

 Last Tuesday, Liam turned three. Nanna and Grandad came to help him celebrate with a special birthday dinner.

I made him a cake and he managed to blow out all three candles in two giant puffs, set to rival the big bad wolf.

The cake was inspired by another blogger, who was also inspired by The Idea Room.

(Hey, check out the action shot of me dropping icing everywhere!)
My cake started out looking like a bunch of very colourful pancakes, which I had to cool and store overnight in my locked pantry.

But a bit of icing fixed that. I haven't made my boys a birthday cake yet, that didn't have Smarties on it. This one had tiny marshmallows too.

Both Liam and Noah were pretty impressed with the cake. I missed Liam's excited expression when I cut the cake and he was able to see the colourful layers, although Maxx was able to catch it on video.

He was pretty excited about his new red tricycle too!


  1. Oh *YUM* ... the cutting rainbow effect is fantastic!!! What a great cake, what a lucky boy!!!! Looks like turning 3 was pretty cool!

  2. very cool cake! Ollys birthday is soon! I think I now have an idea :)

  3. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Liam. Hip Hip Hooray!!!
    ... and a big bravo to you Carmel - that cake is AMAZINGLY ACE!!! Love it.

  4. happy birthday to the little man but wow, great job on the cake! seen the rainbow cake around, amazing

  5. Carmel that cake is amazing!! Can you make one for my birthday next year??!!! I love it.
    The trike looks fab too - glad he had a lovely day.

  6. 3 is a wonderful age to be. And that cake is amazing! I know my kids would love that.

  7. Happy Birthday Liam!

    And wow what a cake!

  8. Huge happy birthday to Liam! The cake looks fantastic and I bet he just loves the adorable trike


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