Thursday, 8 July 2010

Robot Hoody

I made this top for Liam on Wednesday. Entirely. I traced the pattern from the Kwik Sew - Sewing For Toddlers book. I cut it out. I embroidered the robot on the front piece and I put it together mostly with my overlocker. All in one day. With two toddlers running around, that is a mean feat!

The robot is from the set called Radical Robots, that I purchased from Embroidery Library last year. I used it for Noah's Hat as well. I should mention that I actually purchased the set using a voucher that they sent me for my birthday - isn't that lovely and generous of them? 

I have just received another voucher (my birthday is next week), still trying to decide what to buy with it...


  1. Oh that is just adorable, both the top and your model!! Don't you just love it when things come together nice and quickly like that

  2. oh wow I love it! and I love that you made it wtih 2 toddlers running around as well! I've had to resign myself to sewing on weekends when I can grab a moment!

    love it and the embroidery is so adorable


  3. My goodness... that is an achievement to get it all put together in one day. You've just added that book to my wish list.
    Loving the robot hoodie... looks very smart, very warm and very funky. Love it.

  4. That is just adorable (the hoodie and Liam!)

  5. Wow! and he looks very pleased with it :)


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