Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Creative Space - More Pajamas!

I made the boys more pajamas on the weekend. Bottoms on Saturday and tops on Sunday. I wanted to try out my new machine on a pattern that I was already familiar with.

I had some dramas on Sunday evening where Noah was upset and crying on my lap, and that is when Liam decided to grab one of the six buttons I had and run off with it to who knows where. As I couldn't chase after him, the button disappeared. It strangely re-appeared on Monday, (shortly after mentioning it to my sister on the phone) when I did the button holes and sewed the buttons on.

The automatic button hole feature is so far, one of my favourite things with the new sewing machine. I am sure I will discover more favourite things along the way.

On Tuesday morning I tried to take some nice pictures.... I guess these will do. I mean, the kids are in the shot at least!

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  1. A new sewing machine - how awesome! And your PJ's look great - I'm glad you found the missing button in time!

  2. Yes! Automatic buttonholes are ACE! (PJ's and kids are cute, too!)

  3. Nice pajamas! And it's just so cool to get a new sewing machine! I love my Janome too! I'm planning to get the 3/4 size one to teach others to sew, too. Will post it when I get it.

  4. they look great ~ love the bright colours

  5. the pyjamas look wonderful ... clever you, and a new machine too.
    My Creative Space

  6. Great PJs. Little monkey running off with your button. We have antics like that at our place too... so these days when I'm crocheting I stuff the ball of yarn in my bra!!! A very classy look.
    Your boys are so handsome.


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