Saturday, 14 January 2012

Knitting Weather


It is supposed to be Summer here, but we've had a lot of knitting weather lately. I've been enjoying the *Dr Who re-runs being played on the ABC and have taken the opportunity to get Amélie's cardigan finished.


This **Kina Cardigan is knitted using Bendigo's Spring Cotton in Spring Rose, which is a beautiful deep pink.


I knitted a size 12 months, and from one 200g ball of yarn, I have about 80g left. Enough for another little project I have in mind...

*Link relevant to Australia only, all episodes already played are still on iView if you need to catch up!
**The website is in French, but the pattern is in English - Google Translate is wonderful for translating French to English


  1. We're loving the Dr Who re-runs too, especially 9 year old Clare who has just started watching during the last season and now is having all her "but why are they talking about that" and "but what happened before" questions answered. I adore Amelie's cardi. Mum knitted Clare a Georgie Hallam "Jane" cardi in that exact same yarn and it's divine. Let's hope though that the knitting weather evaporates soon!

  2. That is sooooo completely adorable. I'd love one in my size and in that same colour!

    PS - swisho blog makeover for the new year... lovely!

  3. How cute- Amelie and the cardi!

  4. Awwww, cute lil' clip in her hair! She's getting cuter by the day. Great colour too!


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