Sunday, 15 January 2012

Two Little Boys for Two Little Boys


When Amélie received her doll for Christmas, Liam told me that he would like one too. He was quite disappointed when he found out that the next doll wasn't for him either.


I promised him I would make him one too, and of course, Noah had to have one too. This time I used the "Kinder Boys"* pattern. The dolls remained faceless and without one arm whilst I made their hats and clothes. The boys would never have waited for their clothes to be ready if they were finished, otherwise.


I finished their arms and faces last night and finished off their shirts this morning and snuck them off to the vegie garden before I handed them over, otherwise I would never have gotten to photograph them.


The boys are excited by their dolls!


(You can tell he's an Aussie Kid, by the Vegemite on his face).

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  1. You are a machine carmel - just clicked through from bookface , thinking, there is no way she has made those dolls already...

  2. Your dolls are just adorable. So many details, even down to the reversible hats!!! Great job!!!

  3. Love them...and that song, 'two little boys'- I used to love my dad singing that to me at bed time!

  4. Love those dolls! Jodies patterns are just the best! Great job. Such lovely boys, wonderful smiles.


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