Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012


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Wow, what a year 2011 was! January and February were very quiet on the blogging front as I settled in with my new baby girl, Amelie.

Liam started three year old kinder this year, and has grown so much I hardly recognise the boy from the start of the year. He will be doing four-year-old kinder in 2012, and then next year (next year?!) he will be starting school.

My favourite Ottobre pattern of all time has turned out to be the Apple shirt. I have fabric sitting around to make another couple of these, the shape of these shirts is lovely and we always get comments on their shirts when the boys wear them.

I made Amélie two Puppet Show outfits in 2011, one of them using beautiful Heather Ross unicorn fabric, and the other using some Kokka Little Red Riding Hood.

I did lots of pattern testing and proof reading for Nikki this year.

I participated in the Hottie Challenge, helping raise funds for the Margaret Pratt foundation. I also registered as an organ donor. The appliqué design I used for my robot on the hottie was originally intended as an embroidery for a quilt for Liam. I still intend to use it, as an appliqué though, maybe in 2012?

I resurrected a pair of Noah's jeans that had holes in the knees and re-fashioned them as a very girlie pair of jeans for Amélie.

I discovered shoe making, and discovered I can also make shoes from leather, this led to a bit of a leather sewing stint where I also put together a City bag using beautiful lamb-skin.

The Sewing hit of the year would have to be the super-hero capes I made for my boys. I also made a couple of these for my nephews for Christmas. Who knew that such a simple project could bring little boys so much joy?

I knitted up a beautiful Kina cardigan for Amelie, I have another on the needles and plan to make her a winter version with long sleeves as well.

I was so excited to find the free tutorial for these lovely elf-style Christmas stockings, and also whipped up some bunting and gingerbread man Christmas decorations. I have never managed to get around to making Christmas decorations for my house before, it has always taken a back seat to gift-making. I hope to make a tree-skirt for my tree in 2012, and perhaps some felt decorations.

What will 2012 bring? I already have some exciting stuff under-way. Hopefully it will all come to fruition before the year is out.


  1. What a busy year... I'm exhausted just reading about it! Hope your 2012 is awesome.

  2. I see exciting things in the future......I've been looking into my Chrystal ball !

  3. I loved reading this post! Very exciting Hope 2012 brings you much more crafting joy too.


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