Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Experiencing Technical Difficulties...


I am really hoping this works. My camera spent the night in the back yard, in the rain...

For anyone who does not know this trick. This is what you are meant to do if your mobile phone, or other electronic equipment gets wet.

  1. DO NOT turn the equipment on. Electricity + Water = Bad (water can cause short circuits which can fry your device)
  2. Remove batteries from the device (provided, of course that your toddler did not already do this) 
  3. Carefully try to dry your device as best you can with a cloth or some paper towel.
  4. Place the device inside a container with some rice
  5. Leave it in a warm, dry place (preferably out of reach of children) for several days. The more you love the item, the longer you should leave it. I understand recommendations range from 2-3 days to a week.
  6. Pray lots, cross your fingers and do good things, hopefully if you are good to the universe, the universe will be good back to you. 
  7. Check item. Hopefully it works.

I am open to any other advice anyone has to offer...?

Update: You can see how I went, over here.


  1. Fingers crossed it will work for you. I know someone who their iphone went for a swim in the sink and rice revived it. Hoping your camera will come back to life.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. This has happened to us more times than I care to admit or think about.

    Fingers crossed tightly here for you.

  3. Oh Carmel - I hope the universe is good to you!

  4. Fingers crossed that your camera is OK. I can cheer you up though - you have just won our giveaway of a $75 voucher to spend at Yarn Glorious Yarn. I have sent you an email with the details. Lisa

  5. Yay! You won the yarn... At least there is some good news today.

  6. :( How did you go? Have you been brave enough to try it yet or learving it for a few more days:(


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