Sunday, 6 May 2012

Update on My Camera


You might be wondering how my camera went, after I blogged about it the other day?


Well, I tested it yesterday. Don't stress, my windows are just very, very dirty. I would clean them but I don't think the kids are finished messing them up yet.


Ahh that's better...

Everything seems to check out ok, except the latch for the battery compartment has been broken (It was prised open to get the batteries out before being left in the back yard), so I have to hold it closed. A rubber band seems to work ok. One of my friends has very helpfully suggested that I keep storing the camera in rice for a while to help prevent fungus from growing on the lens, so I'm going to do that. I'm very, very grateful that my camera still works.


  1. Maybe, even when you think the rice thing is done and dusted, get one or two or three (you pick a number) of those damp absorber satchets (like the ones that come in certain products - I'm thinking Burrito bread) and keep those close to your camera.

    I'm really glad it seems ok. I'd be heartbroken if my camera died :(


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