Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hat Parade #1


Ok, so we are approaching the mid-way point of the sew-along, and some people have finished their hats already. I will come back and talk about mine (above) in another post, but is that not the funniest photo ever of Noah and Amélie?


First up we have Ms Midge. Ms Midge effectively got two hats for the price of one none when she made the Oliver + S bucket hat. The Oliver + S bucket hat is available as a free down-load and is also featured in the book, Oliver + S Little Things to Sew. Ms Midge chose to make the hat reversible, and if you check out her blog, you can see how she has made it with NO HAND-SEWING! Gotta love that!


Ms Midge had never made a hat before now, but you cannot tell. It looks great both ways.

Emily Hat

Next up, we have Jen from Ava Pot Pie. Jen has already finished TWO hats! Jen also went with the Oliver + S Bucket hat and made a hat for each of her daughters, Ava and Emily.

Ava Hat

You would never know that Jen is also a novice to millinery, having also never made a hat before. I have a feeling lots of people will be getting hats this Christmas.


And finally (for now) we have a hat made by Melanie (who also happens to be my cousin) for her daughter, Adara. Melanie made the Kids Hat by You Sew, Girl! and also, had never made a hat before.


So don't be scared. You can do it. You can find the sign up post by clicking the button above. Join in. Make a hat before the end of September. Have you finished your hat already? Be sure to let me know.


  1. Hi! Great idea for a sew-along! I've just been to add my link for the Oliver + S hats I made last week :)

  2. they are all fantastic, and gee, some people are organised, aren't they?! No sun to hide from here today!

  3. Very cute photo of Noah and Amélie. Can't wait to read your post about the making of. Thank again for organising!


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