Saturday, 15 September 2012

You Socksy Thing!


I finished my socks. Actually, this is old news. I finished them two weeks ago. I knitted these using "David's Toe-Up Sock Cookbook" pattern. This pattern is more like a recipe that helps you custom-make socks that fit your feet. It is availabe as a free down-load on Ravelry. The yarn is Crazy Zauberball in Tropical Fish, that I won from Yarn, Glorious Yarn! I knitted the yarn half-way for the first sock and then used the rest for the other sock. I love the way the colours almost match up, but still are quirkily different.


I'm in love with my new socks. They are way more cosy and warm than any other socks I own. I am a bit of a slow knitter though, and cannot see myself actually being able to keep up with my own sock needs. I'm thinking I'd be wearing them out quicker than I could knit another pair.

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  1. Important technical questions about your bewdiful crazy socks - not counting interruptions/breaks/moments spent enjoying the serenity and not doing long did it take you to knit your socks? And what length did they end up? (Which I find is a totally different question to: what length had you originally intended them to be? Can you tell that I am a slow knitter too?) And finally - what weight/ply was your yarn? Did I mention that your socks are bewdiful?

  2. Thank you Shell. How long is a really good question. Most of my knitting I do in front of the tv, or sitting around talking to people or whilst watching swimming lessons. All of these things in my house have constant interruptions as I have three kids under five and I'm really easily distracted. I'm thinking maybe 10-12 hours a sock? I could be way off though. Maybe next time I might time myself somehow, but don't hold your breath.....

  3. As for length, socks are stretchy things, so a bit tricky to measure. It also depends how thick your legs are. Mine were just below knee height.


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