Thursday, 14 February 2008


Well, I finished! It really didn't take that long. You know how I said a couple of posts ago, that I would have the pants finished by the end of the day, well I have a teeny, tiny confession. I didn't. I did get the waist band done, but half way through one of the leg hems, I ran out of bobbin thread. Not to worry, I actually half expected it to happen.

What I didn't expect to happen was this... I was winding a new bobbin up, and while it was spooling away, I was brushing the fluff out of the bottom of my machine. This is standard for me. Its pretty good, as if I didn't do it when I was winding bobbins, it wouldn't get done. And it gets done well, as there isn't a bobbin case in there to get in the way. Win - win! Anyway, brushing away, hmmm... its taking awhile. I look uo to see that I am out of tread on the spool, its all on the bobbin, which isn't even half full. You would think I would have been able to tell, but I never noticed. And no thread even closely resembling it... except on the overlocker.

So I wound thread on two bobbins yesterday. And today, I re-threaded the last thread back onto the overlocker, and finished the pajamas.

Now all I need to do is go on a mad hunt for the scrap fabric leftover from this, so I can begin my related mini project.

Pink Bootees

Pink booties? What for? Everyone has boys, right? So far my parents have been blessed with six grandsons. Their seventh one (also a boy) is on the way. Isn't it great!

The pink bootees, I knitted up yesterday for Maxx's sister, Susan. Susan had her daughter Ellie just after Christmas. Well, its nice to have a girl to make things for....

Oh, and excuse the finger, it was necessary to restrain the owner of the foot I borrowed from waving it madly about! Needless to say, I have an assortment of photos of blurry pink bootees. And photos of locations that used to have bootees in them...

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Paige's Procrastination Pussycat Pajamas

Ok, I'll admit it, I have big UFO in my sewing room. I have been working on these pajamas for Paige for a couple of years now. (I'm thinking possibly 3 years?).

They have been close to finished for quite some time.

All I need to do to finish the pants is hem them, make the casing for the waistband, and put the elastic in.

The top needs the sleeves hemmed, the bottom hemmed, button holes and buttons and it's done too. So a bit more work to finish the top, but really not that much to do.

As you can see in the picture on the right, I have trimmed it with pink piping, so heaps of time and energy has been spent getting them to this point, so I don't know why I haven't finished them!

Well, now I have confessed, I guess I have to finish them. I will start by finishing off the pants. The pussycat print has given me an idea for a related project. See if you can guess what it is! I am sure I will have at least the pants finished by the end of today.

LIAM'S QUILT - "i" is for insects

The image to the left is a draft of what the finished quilt will look like. Katherine was here over the weekend, so we did some drawing, trying to come up with some ideas as to the individual pictures. In the original plan, I had "i" is for Ibis.

We decided that Ibis is not a necessarily easily identified animal. Katherine agreed with me though that we couldn't do "i" for iguana either, as we were going with "a" is for alligator. So we decided on insects.

We also decided that with the exception of "L" we would use lower case letters. I hadbn't actually considered this, but when it was suggested I loved the idea, as I was having trouble finding a capital I shape that I liked that went with the rest of my letters. I was a bit unsure about the L, but Katherine pointed out that it should be a capital L as it was the start of his name.

Anyway, the image to the right, is a sketch of the "i" applique. I am thinking that the butterfly needs to be bigger, and probably the caterpillar too.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Duncan's Hat

I had been eyeing off this fabric at Spotlight for a while. There was something about the woof! woof! bark! bark! arf! arf! that grabbed me and I knew I had to make something and use it as a lining fabric.

I get comments on Liam's hat everywhere I go. It was his cousin Duncan's birthday on January 17th, so I thought why not make him one too? I went and bought the fabric straight away (and got enough to make another one as well).
Then I went for a bit of a search to see if I could find a suitable pattern, as being a little older, Duncan was sure to have a bigger head. I wasn't able to find a suitable pattern, so I took the pattern that I used for Liam's hat and scanned it, and increased its size by 15%.

Mum had some special interfacing that she had used for making bags with. She gave me some to use for the hat. Its really good in that it gives the brim a really good stiffness. It was a bit trickier to turn it all right side out, but it got done, and in the mail yesterday afternoon, so he should be seeing his new hat by the end of the week!

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