Friday, 30 September 2011

The Month of Many Milestones

Miss Amélie has been very busy this month, reaching all sorts of milestones. It was on Father's Day that she worked out how to get herself into a sitting position.

A few days after that, she managed to work out crawling.


She grew a tooth, and then a couple of days later, another one! (Can you see them both, down the bottom in the photo above?)

And she can now pull herself to standing.


She can also clap and wave bye-bye.


We have been busy swapping beds around - Liam has gone from a toddler bed to a proper big-boy bed. The toddler bed has been converted back to a cot and Amélie has been moved in there because we can't have her standing up in a cradle.


It's all very exciting, but geez girl, can you slow down a bit so I can keep up?!

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Creative Space - A Frilling Pattern!


I have always admired this Bettsy Kingston Baby Ruffle Pants pattern. I had not realised however, that it was available in PDF format.


Of course, once I realised this, it didn't take me long to buy it. By the next day, I was tracing and cutting out and putting together these lovely bloomers.


I even took the time to work out how to use a ruffling foot. Which is a good thing, because now I can make more of them, faster!


It's a bit of a scary looking device, isn't it?


I recommend downloading and having a read of this tutorial from You Can Make This, and for that extra bit of confidence, I watched this YouTube clip.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Noah turned three last week. I made him a Devil's Food Cake for his birthday cake.


His favourite present was an orange torch that cost only $5, despite also receiving a skateboard, amongst other things.

He still really likes his super hero cape. He also enjoyed everyone at library story-time singing happy birthday to him.


Isn't it wonderful how easy it is to please a three year old? Now all I need is shares in Duracell to keep that torch going...

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Give Away! Homespun Kid's Issue 2010

*comments have closed - you can see who won here

I treated myself to a Homespun Magazine this morning. Sometimes when you buy a magazine, you are lucky enough to receive a bonus magazine for free. Sometimes it is one you don't already have, and sometimes it is one that you do. I already have this magazine. I bought this copy to read whilst I was doing my Gestational diabetes test last year. It's a good one. It's a kid's issue. There is a lovely pencil roll project in there by Kellie Wulfsohn, amongst other things.


Anyway, since I already have a copy, I thought I would give this one away. Waste not, want not. All you need to do is comment on this post. I'll come back in two weeks and pick a winner. I will even post internationally.

Friday, 9 September 2011

My Red Nikki Skirt


I finished my skirt by hemming it this morning. The pattern is Nicole Mallalieu Design's A-Line Skirt. I used some red hatched-denim that mum gave to me that she got for $2 a metre. I love that it has a little bit of give because it is denim, but doesn't look like boring old denim - and way more comfortable than jeans.


I also love the yoke on the skirt - no more facings rolling out the top of my skirt. There (as usual) were heaps of little tips and tricks to get a really professional finish in the easiest possible way. The best part though, was the instructions for inserting the invisible zip. There is no need to be afraid of zips - not even the invisible ones!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Creative Space - A-line Skirt


Working on this today...

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* edit: you can see the completed skirt here.

Monday, 5 September 2011

My Little Super Heros


He flies through the air


Smarter than a speeding bullet


Cuter than a locomotive


Able to leap tall Duplo towers in a single bound.


Look - up in the sky


It's a bird


No, no, it's a plane


It's Super Noah!


And Super Liam!


Wait? Where did he go?


Did I mention, able to disappear in seconds?

Super Hero Cape Tutorial

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lovely Leggings


I recently made these leggings for Amelie, using a pattern that I purchased from Crafty Mamas. Whilst the pattern is lovely, I was looking for something a little more fitted. So I took a couple of inches out of the middle of the pattern piece, and from that, made these.


Amelie is also wearing the shoes I made her, so you can see them in action. When I made the leather ones, I went up a size as these ones with all their interfacing and wadding were a little snug.


I plan to make a long-sleeved t-shirt from the same fabric so Amelie can wear them both together under brightly coloured little dresses and tunics.


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