Thursday, 7 August 2008

New Embroidery Machine

I am so excited!

On Monday I got myself a brand new embroidery machine! Its a Janome 350e, and I have been playing with it every day since I got it. It came with Customiser 11000, so I can create and edit my own designs.

The designs can be transferred from the computer to the machine via a USB stick.

I started out with a test run of the built in lettering, and did Paige's name in hot pink.

I then had a play around with customiser and imported an image from my clip-art library, and converted it into an embroidery image. The result is the card-shark pussy cat on the right.

I then had a go at using one of the built in designs, the butterfly down and to the left.

The deal with the machine was the included customiser 11000 as well as a CD of embroidery designs. I can't wait to get my hands on those designs.

A friend also dropped hints about helping out with some logos for their shirts for their business, I told him to wait a little so I get the hang of it first, but it looks like there may be a little extra money in it - good thing too, it was an expensive purchase!

Ryan's Pajamas

Shhh! Don't tell Ryan, but look what he is getting for his birthday from his Auntie Carmel!

Thomas the Tank Engine Pajamas!

I made them in size three, because he is a big boy - he is only turning two , but he is growing very fast - Look out Lachlan, he's catching up!

Sewing For Ethan

On June 3, 2008 at 3:45pm, my newest nephew, Ethan arrived.

I had some nice soft polar fleece in a very pale ice blue that I thought I would make a pair of overalls and a hoody out of.

I have been meaning to line overalls for a while, so I made a special trip to Spotlight to find some fabric to line the overalls and hoody with. I found some interlock in cream with a fine baby print on it in a pale blue. I got a metre, figuring it should be enough.

It was enough, I made the hoody, and the overalls and also a romper suit (long sleeves and legless) to go underneath. The overalls are very cosy, so I figured he really wouldn't be needing legs in the romper as well.

I appliqued a bear on the front of the overalls, to cover the front seam. I usually place a pocket here, but I photocopied the interlock print, enlarging it 300% to make my applique pattern. So the bear matches the print.
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