frenchseam French Seam
A neat way to finish seams without a Serger/Overlocker.
(view tutorial)
Loose Ends 2 Loose Ends
How to finish messy serger/overlocker thread chains.
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DSCF2136 Pipe Cleaner Octopus
How to make an octopus using pipecleaners. School holiday fun!
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Bigbuttons Over-Sized Button-holes
How to trick your sewing machine to do larger buttons than the automatic button-hole function usually allows. (view tutorial)
DSCF1667 Knotless Embroidery
A neat little trick to make the back of your work (almost) as tidy as the front.
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DSCF1238 Shorten a Metal Zipper
You can shorten a metal zipper. You just need to pull a few teeth.
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DSCF1238 Scissor Storage
A great way to store your scissors where you can easily find them - safe from little hands! (view tutorial)
DSCF1428 Raw Edge Appliqúe
Use double sided fusible web to make appliqúe easy.
(view tutorial)
DSCF1022 Yoke with Concealed Seams
Confused by your pattern instructions (or lack of) for putting together a shirt yoke? (view tutorial)
DSCF1559 Pocket Placement
How to accurately position pockets on clothing.
(view tutorial)
Make Fitted Sheets
Make your own fitted sheets using this easy to follow tutorial.
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  1. this is a great tutorial! I've never seen one before like this--and I have several king-sized fitted sheets that I've been wanting to cut down to fit a FULL size mattress, so this'll be a huge help in getting the proportions right. Thanks!

  2. You're welcome, Pat. Thank you for letting me know you found my tutorial helpful.


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